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One of Doc's latest ideas and projects is harnessing all the experience and years of repairing cars, and bringing it all together in a curriculum that you can do from home.

Stay tuned for this exciting addition. We are planning on having a comprehensive set up video courses to take you to the next level as a mechanic.

For those of you who are interested in being notified when this becomes available, you can access the website here. Send us your contact information and we'll let you know when we are ready!

An exciting new addition to our website is the new forum area!

Feel free to access our forums and join other Datsun and car enthusiasts in discussions and Q&A.

Sign up and join the club!

Our new website is live!

Make sure you check out each section of the slide show above to see our latest news.

We have also added the forums, which you can read about to the right.

Also, you'll find a ton of our pictures in our newly launched photo album. Feel free to browse through the gallery and get to know us and get a peek at all the projects we've done!
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